curriculum and fees

Twenty six boys at one time are enrolled and a quiet working routine is insisted upon. Our school has always insisted on polite and sensible behavior. Boys are supplied with books and written material and are trained to care for them. Well kept work books attract praise and reward.

Negotiation around set rules is not tolerated – compliance is demanded and achieved. All set work is carefully corrected with intensive individual instruction. Homework is handed in at the same time each day – sloppy work is repeated after school. The mathematics syllabus is individually planned using the key areas of the Curriculum Standards Frameworks 2 and measurement of achievement is kept in each boy’s files. Detailed reports are sent to parents twice yearly.



The literacy program also follows the Australian standards with emphasis on reading and writing. All children read each day from our extensive library, or from class sets of literature books They also work individually through a language laboratory which studies various types of prose, comprehension, word study and grammar.

Writing is usually based on the rich direct experiences associated with camps and excursions. All homework is an extension and reinforcement of work taught in class, and corrected the next day.

Our enrolment is capped at twenty six students. With four teachers, the teacher/ pupil ratio is low, and allows for individual attention ensuring all children progress.


Each school day begins with an hour of concentrated teacher dominated physical education. Each staff member is expert in at least two sports. Discussion is unwelcome. It will be noted that the sports chosen do not demand advanced homolateral skills or precise hand eye coordination.

Boys then do English until 11.30am. Work is individualised. Hyperactivity & AD/HD symptoms are unusual as at this point boys are tired and relaxed. Unnecessary talk attracts penalties.

Boys then go to a public pool for an hour’s intensive swimming training. After six months boys can usually swim 60x50m laps in an hour and competently use four strokes. Most boys gain their Surf Bronze Medallion at the final December surf training camp.

Boys eat their lunch on the bus while returning from swimming. Bus travel is their main break as there is only a short midday break. Boys are supervised at all times. On their return they do 1.5 hours of mathematics. Again indicators of hyperactivity are unusual. Alternation of intensive sport with academic work ensures that any boys showing symptoms of AD/HD are relaxed and attentive.

School fees  are $11000 per year, payable per term and include all camp fees,boxing, weekly Judo lessons , swimming tuition and all excursions.

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