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Our students have joined us because they underperformed while attending other well known independent and public schools -and they know they did! Most of these boys have poor self image.  Our approach is very different. The Frank Dando Sports Academy develops their self image and then their academic achievement through sport. Adolescent boys fail if they have a poor self image. A positive self image starts with a good body shape and athletic success. AD/HD boys,aggressive boys, lazy boys all benefit from our program.

Message by Frank Dando the School founder & C.E.O

Twenty five years ago I finished a Master of Education degree which researched the theme of our school and set out our rationale- Self image and academic achievement through sport. Since then we have turned out very close to four hundred self confident and athletic boys and, in spite of our  very strict disciplinary standards, these are still four hundred friends.

My published educational research, my study at the University of California at Los Angeles and my previous thirty years in the Victorian Education Department have convinced me that our school can turn around unhappy boys and make them socially and academically capable.

Continuation of my present research by the present Vice-principal Mr. Ziad Zakharia concluded with the granting of his master’s degree in remedial education at Monash University.

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