Physical & outdoor education


Adolescent boys look for risk taking activities. We understand this but teach the skills that remove most of the risk. All activities are taught and drilled in careful steps.

Downhill skiing

The first step is a month of daily preparation on the judo mat where boys are first familiarized with boots bindings and stocks, then safe falling, mountain manners and lodge behavior. This culminates in a five day intensive course at Mt Hotham in late July. Principal and Vice Principal are expert skiers.




The principal with other expert Judo coaches prepares the boys for four competitions throughout the year and teaches the boys the syllabus of the Tokyo Kodokan Judo University. By the end of the year most boys have won two belts for Judo- yellow and orange and all have entered two judo  competitions.





Boys are trained in the various punching techniques using punch pads. This is associated with low weight, high frequency, weight training.




Survival Camp

This is conducted at Lederderg Gorge at the end of the first six weeks. Boys are carefully prepared for a three night bushwalk carrying all food and equipment. Stress is on preparation and co-operation.




Surf training camp at Woolamai

No boy enters this five day camp unless he can swim 40 x 50m laps in an hour.

The last term of English is devoted to intensive study of the surf life saving Manual and practical surf rescue training. At this camp all previous years boys will have surf life saving qualifications.

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